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Hello, my name is Cate Bolt and I say "fuck" a lot.

Everything on this website is handmade/designed/packed and posted by me. This shop contains items which may lead to pearl-clutching and raising the back of your hand to your forehead and gasping in dismay. If you find swearing offensive, then just close the internet - don't feel like you need to tell me.

I'm a full time humanitarian, I run an orphanage and I save little girls from human trafficking, prostitution and slavery. There is a lot in my life to say "fuck" about. As far as humanitarians go, I probably don't fit the mould - I spent my early years as a heavy metal music journalist and I've worked as a bouncer and a prison guard. If you fuck with me, I will take you out. I've battled addiction, been arrested, had my ribs broken in a bar fight, escaped from a violent relationship and had a child kidnapped. 

I've also sat in sewers holding malnourished babies, searched through slums to talk to mothers of babies with HIV, rescued a woman about to die from TB and another waiting to die from starvation in a chicken shed. I've saved women from slavery and given employment to women previously forced into prostitution. 

Some days I wear black and I listen to heavy metal. Other days I wear pink and listen to bad 80's pop music.

Every day I laugh -- at myself more than anything else.

My life is one big paradox - and that manifests itself in my creations. If you're looking for art, I'm sorry you've come to the wrong place.

This isn't art - it's sarcasm draped in fabric.

If you're familiar with my other work, you will know that most of it benefits my humanitarian work. I need to make it clear that THIS SHOP DOES NOT! Proceeds from this shop go to me - because I like to eat sometimes and being a humanitarian doesn't pay very well ;-)

I'm currently travelling around Australia. I do all of my work on the road so your order could ship from anywhere in Aus. I live, work, eat, sleep and sing loudly in a renovated caravan called The Orchid.